Monday, 5 December 2016

Stewart Lee in Conversation with Alan Moore

A musical handshake: Growing old with Wilco

Thor & Friends: MIXTAPE N° 449

Polymath percussionist Thor Harris inaugurated “Thor & Friends” in the autumn of 2015 after five years of touring as the percussionist of iconic avant-rock ensemble Swans. The project is intended as a vehicle for experimentation with the conceptual vocabulary of American Minimalism collaborating with a rotating cast of Austin-based musicians.
The ensemble has three core members, Thor, Peggy Ghorbani and Sarah “Goat” Gautier — with its line-up expanding and contracting with the flux of compositional and improvisational contexts. The range of tonal color depends on what instrumentalists are present or absent from the process at any given time. They can perform purely acoustic or shaded with hues of electronic instrumentation, as a stripped-down trio or a large ensemble.
Thanks to Thor & Friends and Howard

Sherwood & Pinch - Retribution

Man VS Sofa

Would Politics Be Better Off Without Anger?

Matt Johnson: Memory Playlist


Saturday, 3 December 2016

PE2.0: Water Protectors

TV Party Live: Tuxedomoon


The Story of Glenn O'Brien's 'TV Party'

Peverelist at DTKO (October 2016)


VF Mix 75: North African 78s by Ceints de Bakélite

01. Cheikha Mama Labassia – Nahjar Nahjar, part 1 (Pathé, Algeria)
02. Zineb Bent Sigya – Mama Skertek China (Polydor, Algeria)
03. Lebrati dit Sassi – Lemta Yahna Kelbi (Columbia, Algeria)
04. Cheikh Nourredine – Sabhanek Allah (Pathé, Algeria)
05. Cheikha Zohra el Fassia – Ah Ya Aua (Polyphon, Morocco)
06. Raissa Mbarka et sa troupe – Lalla Aicha, part 1 (Pathé, Morocco)
07. Cheikh Ali Soufi – Ya Rabbi Sidi Kodertek, part 1 (Disque Gramophone, Algeria)
08. Reinette l’Oranaise – El Khikaa (Polyphon, Algeria)
09. Salim Halali – Elli Kalbou Safi (Pathé, Algeria)
10. Louisa Tounsia – Estanitek ou Ma Jitini (Disque Gramophone, Tunisia)
11. Smarda el Olgia – Noubet Edmaïl (Smarda, Tunisia)
12. Anonymous – Gasba Touila, solo de flûte oranaise (Pathé, Algeria)

Friday, 2 December 2016

Queens Of The Circulating Library. MPavillion Melbourne 8PM Tonight (Free)

Queens Of The Circulating Library is the new project from Jonnine Standish of HTRK and Ying-Li Hooi. MPavillion is situated in the Queen Victoria Gardens opposite The National Gallery

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Photographer Giles Duley and Massive Attack team up to stand with refugees

Shane MacGowan's 'Bondage' Fanzine #1 (December 1976)

Click on pics to enlarge or go here for typed text...
(BIG thanx Walker)

Political correctness: how the right invented a phantom enemy

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Are musicians and music going down the tubes?

Advertising still shits in your head and here's what Tokyo looks like without ads

David Asher Hosts On-U Sound Sunday Roast (Episode One)

Blank Tape: Electronic Cassette Culture

Experimental electronic music has found a new home on cassette

J.G Ballard's Old House in Shepperton Up For Sale

Historic Charm

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

'Radically Mainstream': Why the Alt-Right Is Celebrating Trump's Win

Sleaford Mods - Dad's Corner

People’s Republic of Spiritual Rednecks

Dennis Hopper's Personal Record Collection For Sale

With a career spanning almost six decades as an actor, filmmaker, photographer, artist ,art collector and Hollywood enfant terrible, Dennis Hopper collected over 100 record titles during his lifetime. Including iconic artists and bands such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac, Leonard Cohen and Miles Davis, this collection provides an incredible view into the world of one of America's most culture-defining men. Along with handwritten notes to the actor from various artists and several unreleased records, this is a very personal biography of Dennis Hopper's musical journey, directly from the archive of Dennis' daughter, Marin Hopper.
A portion of the sale price will be donated to The Future Heritage Fund, which was founded in partnership with the New Mexico Community Foundation (NMCF) to support a range of cultural and artistic non-profit organizations in New Mexico

B-Town Warriors - People of the Red Sunset

This production was written, recorded and filmed over 5 days in April 2016 in the remote community of Bourke in far Western NSW. An out come of a Desert Pea Media community project with a group of young Indigenous people enrolled at Bourke High School.
The project came about through a partnership between Desert Pea Media, Bourke High School and Outback Division of General Practice.
Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encouraged participants to analyze 'the real', 'the ideal' and 'the bridge'. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for individuals, for each other and for our communities.
This information was then disseminated into a narrative structure by local young people and Desert Pea Media staff - Toby Finlayson and Michael Graham (aka MC Boomalli), then the lyrics were co-written and recorded. We then shot a music video over two days all over Bourke and surrounding areas.
This project featured the expert musical direction and production of acclaimed musician and and songwriter Carlo Santone (Blue King Brown, Nattali Rize) who has since worked with us on a number of projects. Also featuring session Yidaki from Indigenous musician Fred Leone.
Further mentoring support came from previous DPM project participant Michael Graham (MC Boomalli), Kamileroi man who is now one of the head project facilitators for DPM.
The song is a celebration of survival, resilience, culture and pride and is one of our proudest achievements of 2016.
Special thanks to DPM resident psychologist Don Finlayson for his input and project support and to Bourke High School and NSW Outback Division of General Practice who co-funded the production.
“One of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our community is to invest in, and believe in our children – the results speak for themselves”
Donna Jeffries
Executive Manager
NSW Outback Division of General Practice

Cultural Seeds: Essays on the Work of Nick Cave

Nick Cave is now widely recognized as a songwriter, musician, novelist, screenwriter, curator, critic, actor and performer. From the band, The Boys Next Door (1976-1980), to the spoken-word recording, The Secret Life of the Love Song (1998), to the recently acclaimed screenplay of The Proposition (2005) and the Grinderman project (2008), Cave's career spans thirty years and has produced a comprehensive (and sometimes controversial) body of work that has shaped contemporary alternative culture. Despite intense media interest in Cave, there have been remarkably few comprehensive appraisals of his work, its significance and its impact on understandings of popular culture. In addressing this absence, the present volume is both timely and necessary. Cultural Seeds brings together an international range of scholars and practitioners, each of whom is uniquely placed to comment on an aspect of Cave's career. The essays collected here not only generate new ways of seeing and understanding Cave's contributions to contemporary culture, but set up a dialogue between fields all-too-often separated in the academy and in the media. Topics include Cave and the Presley myth; the aberrant masculinity projected by The Birthday Party; the postcolonial Australian-ness of his humour; his interventions in film and his erotics of the sacred. These essays offer compelling insights and provocative arguments about the fluidity of contemporary artistic practice.


Paul Kelly - Rarities (1977 - 2000)

Disc One – 1977-1983
1. She’s Got It - The Melbourne Club LP (High Rise Bombers)
2. Domestic Criminal - The Melbourne Club LP (Arminger)
3. Habit Of Love – The Dots - RRR Radio Broadcast, Story Hall, Melbourne
4. Recognition – Recognition EP (The Dots)
5. I See Red
6. Lowdown
7. Faster Than Light
8. Seeing Is Believing – 7” Single
9. Angel In Me – B side of Seeing Is Believing
10. Rocking Institution – Body and Soul 7”
11. Only The Lonely Heart – With The Dots - Rocking Australia Live
12. I Need Something Inside Me
13. Leaps and Bounds (Early Version) – With the Dots, The Ivanhoe Hotel Collingwood
14. Under The Sun (Early Version)
15. You Call This Living
16. I Can Only Give You Everything
17. Breaking In My Heart
18. Love Is The Law – Theme From Midnite Spares 7” Single

Disc Two 1986-1990
1. Before The Old Man Died (Original Mix) - From Gossip Double LP
2. Tighten Up (Original Mix) - From Gossip Double LP
3. The Execution (Original Mix) - From Gossip Double LP
4. Too Much Of A Good Thing (Demo)
5. Preaching To The Converted – Darling It Hurts B-Side
6. The Things I Didn’t Say – 9/13/86 2SER Radio Show
7. To Her Door (Clean Version) – Single
8. Dumb Things (Scott Litt Mix) - From US Under The Sun
9. Forty Miles To Saturday Night (Scott Litt Mix) - From US Under The Sun
10. To Her Door (Scott Litt Mix) - From US Under The Sun
11. Deportees – Dumb Things EP
12. Parting Glass – Hunters And Collectors Raw Material EP
13. Ain’t That Loving You Baby – Live 10/22/88
14. Special Treatment – Building Bridges Compilation
15. He’s In The Jailhouse Now – 7/20/89 SNAP KCRW Radio Show
16. Just A Phrase He’s Going Through – 7/20/89 SNAP KCRW Radio Show
17. Too Many Movies – 7/20/89 SNAP KCRW Radio Show
18. White Christmas – 1989 Idiot’s Delight Radio Show – Steve Connolly Vocal
19. They Took The Children Away – 1989 MTV show
20. I Won’t Be Your Dog Anymore (Live – A&M Studios LA, April 1988) – Most Wanted Man In The World 7”

Disc Three 1990-1993
1. Other People’s Houses (Original Single Mix) – Pouring Petrol From A Burning Man 7”
2. Christmas Eve – Rockin’ Bethlehem
3. In The Mirror (Saints) – Live show
4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths) – Live Show
5. Video Killed The Radio Star – Live Show – Steve Connolly Vocal
6. Sweet Guy Waltz (Live) – Tram Tracks
7. Hey Boys – Single with Mark Seymour
8. Puluka Inma – Funerals and Circuses
9. Nighttime Nona – Funerals and Circuses
10. Deadly – 3/4/92 – Live Audience
11. Play Me – 3/4/92
12. Dry Your Eyes – 1992
13. South Of Germany (Live 1992) - with Mary Jo Starr
14. He Can’t Decide – Seven Deadly Sins Soundtrack
15. Almost Persuaded
16. Ugly Woman
17. Don’t Break It I Say
18. He Can’t Decide (Walking Mix) – He Can’t Decide CD-5

Disc Four 1994-1995
1. Farewell Dan And Edward Kelly – Going Home Compilation
2. When I First Met Your Ma – MMM Cordless
3. Last Train – Christine Anu with Paul Kelly - Single
4. Charcoal Lane – Moon Over Melbourne
5. All The Way – 1994 TV Show
6. Cake and The Candle/Queen Stone – 1994 Radio World Café
7. I Threw It All Away – 7/4/94 KCRW Bob Dylan Tribute Radio Show
8. Truck Called Linda – 7/25/94 Regal Theatre, Perth, Live Audience
9. Lately (Instrumental) – God’s Hotel Single
10. Melbourne Girls – Song From The 16th Floor Single
11. Bed Of Nails – Love Never Runs On Time Single
12. We’ll Get Over It Somehow
13. Lately - 3RRR Used and Recorded By Volume 1
14. Queen Stone (Ambient Mix) – Give Into My Love Single
15. Behind The Bowler’s Arm – Deeper Water Single
16. Deeper
17. From Little Things Big Things Grow – Our Home Our Land – With Kev Carmody and Tiddas

Disc Five 1995-1998
1. Rhinestone Cowboy (Partial) – Andrew Denton Show
2. On The Cross - Everynight Everynight Soundtrack (with Shane O’Mara)
3. Day In The Life
4. Labour Yard
5. The Trap
6. Train Of My Youth
7. The Governor’s Wife
8. Everynight, Everynight
9. The Worm Turns
10. How To Make Gravy (Extended Version) – The Spirit Of Christmas ‘96
11. Madaleine – Lullaby and Goodnight
12. I’ll Be Your Lover Now– How To Make Gravy EP
13. Glory Be To God
14. How To Make Gravy – Edmunton Folk Festival
15. Ode To A Nightengale – Native Tongue Loudspeaker1996
16. Melting (Demo)– Mushroom Music Workshop – With Monique Brumby
17. Our Sunshine (Demo) – Mushroom Music Workshop – With Mick Thomas
18. Tease Me – Triple J Lust For Live – 6/16/97
19. Thanks A Lot – Where Joy Kills Sorrow – With Uncle Bill
20. Our Sunshine – I’ll Be Your Lover Now Single – With Uncle Bill
21. Yil Lull – The Singers for the Red Black And Gold

Disc Six 1998-2000
1. To Her Door (Live) - Mushroom 25 Concert DVD
2. Wide Open Road (Live) – Mushroom 25 Concert DVD – With Chris Bailey
3. Postcard From Elvis – 9/98 ABC Radio – With Don Walker and Charlie Owen
4. Generous Lover - 1998 Poetry Day - ABC broadcast
5. Melting (European Edit) - Melting Single
6. To Her Door – Cold – Live At The Chapel
7. Blues For Skip – Liberade
8. Randwick Bells (with Jimmy Little - Tamworth Country Music Awards)
9. Last Train To Heaven/Give Into My Love (1999 Arias with Christine Anu and Bull Sisters)
10. Coma (Remix) – Coma Single
11. Oh Death (Remix)
12. To Her Door – Rock The Millenium
13. Before Too Long
14. I Still Pray – Kasey Chambers with Paul Kelly and Uncle Bill
15. Heartbreak Heartmend - Kasey Chambers with Paul Kelly and Uncle Bill
16. Gathering Storm – With Uncle Bill – Live Songs – The Good News Week Tapes Volume 2

Disc Seven 2001-2008
1. Somewhere In The City (Acoustic) – The Weekend Australian Magazine Exclusive CD
2. Maralinga (with Christine Anu) – 9/14/01 - Yeperenye Festival
3. Goodnight Irene – Adelaide 10/26/02
4. Long May You Run - Toronto 4/4/02
5. Don’t Worry Baby – Asheville, NC 4/19/02 – With Freedy Johnston
6. I Guess I Get A Little Emotional Sometimes –
7. Somewhere In The City (Live) – KRCLive 2 Compilation
8. I Wish I Was A Train (Live) – with Troy-Cassar Daley at Tamworth 1/25/03
9. Sure Got Me (Single Edit) – Sure Got Me Promo CD-5
10. Taught By Experts (Live) – With Katy Steele – Foxtel Promo DVD
11. Won’t You Come Around (Live) – Foxtel Promo DVD
12. The Losing End (Live) – Seattle – March 23, 2004
13. Lady Came From Baltimore – Baltimore – July 17, 2004
14. Meet Me In The Middle Of The Air – Tom White Soundtrack
15. Silent Night – The Spirit Of Christmas 2006
16. Hard Love (Live) – A to Z Show 12/13/06
17. Zoe (Live) – A to Z Show 12/15/06
18. Shane Warne (Live Solo on ABC Radio - 3/5/07)
19. At First Sight (Violets Are Blue) - Live 12/15/07 with Bob Evans
20. Right Outta My Head (Clean Edit) - Promo single

Disc Eight - Funerals & Circuses + Out Of Print Covers
Funerals & Circuses (1992)
1. Until Death Do Them Part
2. They Don't Have To Do My Dirty Job
3. Deadly
4. Do Right Man
5. Puluka Inma
6. Nunga Tow Ngeerin (People Stop Crying)
7. Nobody Knows Nona
8. Never Never Never
9. I Am What I Am
10. Up Down In Out
11. One So Young
12. Possum Woman's Song And Dance
13. Nighttime Nona
14. The Tap Song
15. Jessie's Lullaby
16. Finale
Out Of Print Covers of Unreleased Paul Kelly Songs
17. Don't Say I'm No Good - Mary Jo Starr
18. Hidden Things - Mary Jo Starr
19. Too Much Lovin' - Mary Jo Starr
20. Just A Phrase He's Going Through - Mary Jo Starr
21. Too Many Movies - Mary Jo Starr
22. One More Chance (Live) - Vika Bull
23. Who Am I (Live) - Mary Jo Starr and Flacco
24. Sweet Guy (Live) - Deborah Conway with Paul Kelly and the Messengers 11/13/88
25. (You Can Put Your) Shoes Under My Bed - Deborah Conway
26. Jessie's Song - Kaarin Fairfax

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Monday, 28 November 2016

Babyfather - 419 (Download)

Burial - Yound Death/Nightmarket

Sunday, 27 November 2016

No, Trump, We Can’t Just Get Along

Memorabilia torched on London barge to protest punk gone rotten

You ever get the feeling that...someone at Reuters has been waiting weeks to use that headline? Personally I think that Corre is a complete tosser but I think that Simon Reynolds has a very valid point...

A.B. Original - 2 Black 2 Strong

January 26

A.B. Original album Reclaim Australia is a necessary shock to the system

Coldcut & Adrian Sherwood (Solid Steel Radio Show)

Coldcut tracklist:

Sherwood tracklist:
Los Gaiteros De San Jucinto - Un Dub De Sagres
Higher Authorities - Phase Keyboard
Cha Cha - excerpt from "Dub No Frontiers"
Rholin x Coldcut/Onu Production - Robbery
Little Axe - Great Heros
Denise Sherwood - Ghost Heart
RiRa - Crowned Without Gold
Serial Killaz - Tube & Springes (Onu Mix)
Ital Horns - Metropolis
Kajra x Coldcut/Onu Production - Mohobbat Walla
Denise Sherwood - Dum Dum
Los Gaiteros De San Jucinto - Homenaje
LSK w/Sherwood & Pinch - Fake Days
Alani - One Love
Roots Manuva - Spit Bits

Black sleeved copy bought 40 years ago tomorrow (Saturday) morning from Listen Records in Glasgow

May have even been Steven Daly from Orange Juice who served me. Btw Steven you still owe me a Pistols bootleg for giving you that Patti Smith promotional artwork...

Pauline Oliveros R.I.P.

Scanner, Holly Herndon, The Black Madonna and more pay tribute to Pauline Oliveros, dead at 84

Fidel Castro R.I.P.

A brief history of America and Cuba

Shara Nelson - Unfinished Sympathy: On-U Sound VS Massive Attack (A369 Bristol Trip Hop MixTape No.3)

Mix by Simon West

Saturday, 26 November 2016

A.B. Original ft. Paul Kelly - Dumb Things (Like A Version cover)

Paul Kelly's original version from 1988